Benefit / Gala & Dinner

The UNT Department of Dance and Theatre will host an expansive Gala Event centered around this years’ Faculty Dance Concert, featuring the delightfully imaginative and witty work of choreographer andprofessor, Shelley Cushman.

Professor Cushman has been with the university and teaching for almost 36 years. She, along with many dance and theatre faculty, have taught and influenced not just our majors over their tenure but countless liberal arts students who sought to further their studies through dance and other somatic movement classes at this university. The department has truly played an invaluable role in contributing to the enrichment of the student population and strives to continue to do so through UNT's progress and evolution.



In lieu of the Gala, we will celebrate this weekend and the Power of Dance with Shelley Cushman, the cast of amazing dancers, Danny Lewis, alumni, family, friends and guests!

Join us on Saturday, April 27
for a private party following the dance concert at
Dan's Silverleaf

RSVP to amiti.perry@unt.edu