Closing of Stovall Hall

This is an exciting but bittersweet time for the department and alumni because of the closing of Stovall Hall and relocation of the department to a new building. This is not only a major change for the department but also an expansion of the Student Union, affecting all students, faculty and visitors at UNT.

Stovall Hall has played a strong role in the experiences of a diverse community, through its architecture, history and energy. Faculty, students, musicians, guest artists and countless others who spent hours in the studios for classes, rehearsals, workshops and performances over the years, deeply connect our UNT experience with Stovall. For some it has been home.

Just like many dedicated students who spend countless hours in labs, as dancers our physical presence in the studios is where our invaluable education takes place; spending more hours awake (and sometimes asleep) in the studios than our own homes. Stovall Hall and those who have inhabited it, taught in it and thrived in it have a strong bond to its place and the purpose it has served.


Alumni are invited to submit stories of their time at UNT and part of the Department of Dance & Theatre. Their words and pictures will line the halls of Stovall starting in April until the department moves to their new facility.
It is our hope to honor the space and students who remain a vital part of our department.