June 11, 2011 @ 8pm
Greenspace (Astoria, NY)
Premiere of STUCK: in the IN-betweens |head, heart, gut, body, place|

STUCK: in the IN-betweens |head, heart, gut, body, place| peers into a realm of the intellectual and physical process of being constrained, restrained and bound to something or someone. This company of powerful females, including Amy Campbell, McKenzie Rose, Amiti Perry, Tara Sheena and Sophie Torok, embraces the elements of these situational constrictions and finds their way to complete release through challenging choreography that explores the spectrum of intimate gesture and full force movements. A voyeuristic audience will be consumed as the provocative vignettes carry them through the journey of finding function within dysfunction in a highly charged environment.

Recent Performances

May 22, 2011 @ 4pm & 7pm
Work-in-progress showing of STUCK
CAVE studio residents at the Ferment Series

May 2011 Bridge for Dance Faculty Showcase & Fundraiser

January 2011 Fertile Ground @ Greenspace

October 2011
INNER BEAST was an evening of commissioned dance by four diverse and inspiring choreographers:
Kathryn Enright, Yina Ng, Amiti Perry and Anne Zuerner

in(h)erBrEAST premiered by æmp:dance/ amiti perry + company, investigates the extreme yearnings of the female being through levels of head, heart, gut, body and place to reveal the intimate, seductive, raw and powerful elements that define our female nature. Fast and furious movement collides with sensual gesture in a highly charged space meant to challenge and caress the audience along the journey.

video of performance