Full Choreography & Perfomance Resume

2011 (in development)
STUCK in the INbetweens |head, heart, gut, body, place|
Take Root Series (Greenspace, Astoria, NY)
T|h|RUST work-in-progress performance at Fertile Ground Series (Greenspace, Astoria, NY)

(Joyce Soho) Commissioned work by Women in Motion as part of the Estrogenius Festival 2010

in collaboration with composer David Morneau, here, in what was, the esther project

2006 (in development)
episodes- work currently in development

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what some have said...

“Amiti Perry possesses the unique ability to transform herself and take the audience with her whenever she graces a stage. Her originality, her conscious ability to lose herself in the moment of movement, and her abundant, fluid choreography is mind and matter mixed to create a spellbinding art form. She transcends dance and makes one feel pure emotion, catching us in the reverie which she exudes in each astounding step.”
- Sara Hickman, Official State Musician of Texas 2010-2011

"The thing I appreciate most about Amiti's work, both as a spectator and a collaborator, is that it is very open and approachable without being compromised or watered-down. This is difficult to do, and she does it extraordinarily well."
– David Morneau, Composer

“Relevant. A breath of fresh air in the NY dance community; unusual and interesting; sensual yet energetic.” - -Matthew Militello, Makeup Artist

“[Amiti’s] work is extremely thoughtful. She is very detailed with choreography and movement. [She] paints amazing pictures that are really quite lovely while watching them come to life.”
- Jolayne Morneau, Actor

“Amiti Perry's dance evokes a beautiful, visceral response in even the most novice of dance watchers.  As a choreographer, she has an inherent knack for illustrating human emotion through movement and ensemble.  As a dancer, she can move you to tears with her intensity and beauty.”
– Tate Evans, Actor

"Amiti's choreography and energy is unique and fascinating. Her use of music and media to accompany the movement enhanced the experience for me and made it something very special".
– Grace Robbins, Writer

"Amiti Perry's unique and challenging choreography consistently inspires and throws out of the window what you may have thought you knew about dancing.
Having been always upfront about my less than stellar experiences with others dance performances, Amiti Perry's work demanded me to rethink not only what dance gave to me visually but also emotionally."
– Hannah Sinclair, Writer